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Entry 240: Skincare

Dear Diary, so people should take care of their skin, should mind their skin and take it into account or into consideration. So some tips or tricks for skincare on the menu today. Its a matter of utmost importance too, to look healthy and young and energetic and not exhausted either. So to avoid the skin being damaged or ruined and etc, you should pay extra attention to it. But it all depends on the type of skin you've got there. First and foremost, drink lots of water, to hydrate and moisturize your skin too. Treat your skin well, its going to return the favor. Drink boiled and hot tea out of the stove, its going to hydrate or moisturize your skin further more. Also in the summer, don't forget to put on the sunscreen, if you wish to expose it under the scorching weather or temperature because then you might catch skin cancer. Give it a massage every now and then too. Rub your temples a bit and your eyelids if you get sore around these parts and just in case there, it hurts and pains. Roll away signs of fatigue by using some eye-contour make-up or bags concealer too. You know for in case you've got bags or dark circles under your eyes and etc.

Skin Care

Just in case here, you got dry skins, use lotion, rub it in (in the real definition of the term, not idiomatically). Choose and pick the lotions thats for you, because then if you make use of one thats too buttery or too rich or too dry, then its going to get your skin conditions worse so yeah, be careful especially in case you have red spots and its itchy and scratchy etc. So choose your lotion wisely and read instructions too. If it says 2-3 times daily, don't put on more, or less. Follow them to the letter and by the book. Also use cream if you got any inflammations or infections or allergic reactions. 

If you wish to get rid of pimples or spots or redness or other skin problems, you should go to a dermatologist. I believe she or he will be more apt to counsel you more on this and you might have to use medicine on your skin too. But before applying it, ask your derma for advice and suggestions. Don't use it freely or without instructions. Exfoliate your dead skin too, I believe it wouldn't hurt your skin. Also, can scrub on some sea salt and minerals and etc, all natural too of course. In any case there, do not pop nor scratch them. Due to the fact that its going to make them look bigger and larger and uglier too.

Then you should mind what you eat. Because the nourishment or what you ingest or take will also affect or impact upon your skin a lot even, not a wee bit or a little bit. Take some vitamins (E or A). Those are most excellent for the skin's moisturizing. Also, don't ingest anything fried or deep-fried, if its already oily or greasy or dirty. Eat less junks too, don't eat them in weight, once in a while its fine and dandy, but not once per week or whatever. Eat fruits, fresh ones too, juicy and etc. Lots of vitamins in them too, so most perfect for your skin. 

For face pimples, more commonly known as acne, to treat them, you can use some regular facial lotions, masks or creams or cleansers or toners even. Just wash it regularly and 2-3 a day, not once in a blue moon, or once in while. Also taking showers or bath help too. When washing your face or taking a bath, you can pour in your water some milk or chocolate, it helps, believe me. Sounds peculiar, yes I know, but it won't harm your skin. Also, can apply some fruit slices or cucumber slices or pieces on your face's skin too, to make it look clearer and younger and more rejuvenated too and healthier. Also bathe yourself in some mineralized lakes, rivers, streams or salty ones too. Its going to rejuvenate it and get rid of your wrinkles to boot, so very beneficial for your skin. Especially the hot springs I've mentionned afore. 

If you got an oily or a greasy kinda skin, wash or clean it often. Don't use body milk or face milk or body/face butter, because its going to make matters all worse too. So use milk water or salty water and etc. Take a bath or shower often, with extra light gels and etc. Wash your hair often too, its going to do more good than harm to your type of skin. 

Also, mind your clothes and what you put on everyday, because trust me, its going to affect your skin too. If allergic to synthetic materials, don't put on polyester. Make sure to choose fine silk or coton wears. And not frilly or fringy ones or embroidered ones, because its going to irritate you all the more too. And you aren't going to be able to fall asleep either with those on, especially not embroidered nightgowns and etc. Don't forget to take off your bras too when going to sleep because its going to irk your skin and make it itch all the more too. Lastly, select your blankets or your bedsheets wisely or intelligently. Because if not the right materials, it can make your skin itch or red too. Get your skin's conditions worse too. Up next would be about my favorite song track, Jolene, by Parton. 


Jun. 1st, 2012 01:28 am (UTC)
It is a very popular brand In Australia. It is a moisturiser.

I have been using it for decades and very happy with the product and my skin.
Jun. 1st, 2012 01:29 am (UTC)
Its a brand, I thought twas a medical kinda solution... XDD or medicine for face or skin.



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