Entry 251: Last Entry

Dear Diary, as promised here, today's going to be the last entry on LJ. This will be my new blog, enjoy. Also, on the wordpress.com, the comments aren't appearing right off the bat or instantly. But I've fixed the settings right, at least I think so, and its not working out, so at my wits' ends trying to figure it out. Please help me. And its spamming every comment, so I need to approve them before they'd appear or show up on my page, even my own comments. Also, happy early birthday Kay! Goodbye LJ!  


Entry 250: Charmed

Dear Diary, I've set my eyes or my heart on a TV series called Charmed long ago. Its still on air, and going on, just in case I'm not wrong about it. But if I am, forgive me and my bad, my mistake. Today's post is going to be a review about it. One of my most favorite series even on TV too. I have a scorching passion for it too... 

Title: Charmed.  

Genre: TV series, magic, supernatural thriller, drama, fantasy & myths & legends & folk tales too. Its a very mythical & mystical sort of series too, which is why I enjoy it. With spirits, ghosts & apparitions magical beings out of thin air. 

Main Actresses: hannon Doherty (Prue), Alyssa Milano (Phoebe) & Holy Mary Combs (Piper) & Rose Mcgowan (Paige). My most fav actress is Shannon Doherty whom acted Prue Halliwell. 

Plot: Some benevolent or good witches gotta fight against Demons, Warlocks & even Gods & Demi-Gods too & vanquished them too and defeat them as well to protect the innoncent victims & civilians. The witches are called the Halliwells, 3 sisters possessing or having magical powers called the triangl Power of 3, telekinesis, premonition & lastly time- stopping. And and they can use potions & chant spells to thwart their ennemies' plans & etc. They also make use of their Book of Shadows to achieve this feat. With the weak point or spot being Phoebe, whos got a not so reliable power... it'll sometimes work, at times it won't so yeah, thats what I meant by it. While having to maintain themselves with jobs & putting up with dating problems, and working against the clock or time to do this, its being so harsh on them.

Likes about it: The in-depth plot & storyline & the fantasy elements of plot too in there. I love that series' main actress or character named Prue Halliwell, she should be the strongest & most powerful witch, but sometimes has her breaking down time too. Shes had telekinesis & could move things with her mind and etc. Same old o
thing s Paige, her youngest sister... It told me of legends of lore too & folk tales & songs too. I like its opening song too. It has been turned into a book series or a game, I trust, but I dunno... Its a very bewitching sort of series with their spells & arcane abilities too. Forbidden love between a demon & one of the Charmed ones: Phoebe. Also that the characters must or need to make some choices & decisions between whats moral & whats not. Gotta mind their work ethics & morals too. Also about symbolism, the witches' ones anyway like their ritual & pentacles & etc.

Let downs: the series ended too soon, or finished too soon to my taste. I didn't wish for it to end anyway... I wished for it to be on air forever. They didn't go deep enough with their myths & legends facette, I felt there was room for more details on that...

My Final Rating or Appreciation on it: 9 out of 10 because well, its ones of my most fav series ever. 

Has it spurred you to watch it? Or compelled you to or not? If not, then why not? Just in case you haven't, will you? If have watched it, then whats your feelings about it? Also, by the way, this will be the last issue on LJ,  I'll be moving and flying with Wordpress.com next time, so eah, stay tuned for the new address

                                                                                    harmed Poster:


Its opening tune or track:

Book of Shadows:

Book of Shadows

Its book series' cover:

Book Cover

Entry 249: Who is "Lord Voldemort?"

Dear Diary, so today's entry is going to be about The Lord Voldemort. Who is he, what has he done in his lifetime at Hogwarts? And etc. The main male lead in the HP series. I love him and his actor's playing and acting. I'll be describing him in more than 4 steps: Name, Actor, Character Traits, Relationships hes had, Looks & History


Lord Voldemort: Fleer of Death, or Death's Thieve translated from Fr to Eng. And his other name: Tom Marvolo Riddle, which unscrambles to Lord Voldemort too. 


Ralph Fiennes, who depicted him, hes done a marvelous and wonderful job out of it too. Bravo to him. He's worked alongside Bonham Carter too, in this series. 


Gastly, gaunt, and even white pale a wee bit too much too. Death-like. Well, Death emanates from him whenever he walks so yeah. 

Character Traits:

Well, evil, pure malicious, a schemer and etc... with malicious intentions and the like, always plotting against the Muggles and the world. Will unleash his wrath or vengence upon anyone who stands in his way or his path and etc... Very much blood-thirsty, and unmerciful, ruthless tyrant so yeah. Very cold-hearted as well. Lead villain. Always wanted to gain immortality too. Was always after ways to achieve that, but couldn't pull it off because of some causes & etc. Demonic and wants to escape Death and remain an immortal. He s always thirsted for it anyway.

Relationships: None to my knowledge here or if my memory serves, but with Headmaster Dumbledore (who was his mentor kinda and a most turbulent one with Hagrid). But correct me if I'm in the wrong here. Unless the one with Bellatrix Lestrange counts eh? Because I think she's got infatuated with him just a wee bit too much.

History & Facts:

Orphaned guy, "adopted" by Head. Dumbledore, and attended Hogwarts. When there, hes falsely accused of Hagrid to be the Heir of Slytherin, when he himself was. And he put the blame on him anyway. And he started to search out for a way to evade or get out of Death. Hes set out to read about Horcruxes and how to split his souls in 7 parts and to start wars and campaigning against Muggles and blood traitors. His ideal: a world where theres only "magical blood in it". His most-liked spells: The Unforgivable Curses (Crucio, Imperio, Avada Kedavra). Although he mostly uses the killing curse to silence witnesses and to murder those who cross him or pisses him off or sets him off.  Hes started to gather followers around too called "Death Eaters" and he started to rise in power in his time at Hogwarts. And then of course, hes ruled over and took over the wizarding world for decades & over centuries too. And of course, hes killed off the couple James & Lily Potter. Harry Potter & co defeated him successfully though and carried off or pulled off their mission grandiosly or nobly so yeah. Hes now dead, having not achieved what hes always wished for. All things have a price indeed. The good always wins over evil of course, JKR couldn't have ended it otherwise or any other way, because if then, itd put off several young fans of the series too. Next up would be about a series named Charmed, one I've set my eyes on long ago. 

Lord Voldemort VS Order of the Phoenix Poster: 

Voldemort against OoP

   What do you all think of him and his doings? How would you rate him? Do you condone whats hes done or are you deadset against them?   


Entry 248: The Meat Pie

Dear Diary, so yeah, let me note down something on the Meat Pie. Very appetizing sort of junk food, with meat inside and a crust, either thin or not. Very crunchy too. Love it in fact. Much a delicacy too, considered as thus in my native province. Its called the Tourtière in French. Very fancy name yes I know, but still befitting and quite so. It can be eaten in the afternoon, morning, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner or with any breakfast foods along with chips or other snacks (nachos, fries and etc), or with anything Mexican. Or anywhen, or even a tea party. XD Not a dish fit for a King, but yeah, still quite filling. 

I'll top mine with Ketchup & a bit of relish too on it. A wee bit of salt, pepper and cheese in the meat too. Either as a snack during breaks or a whole meal. To eat or enjoy with or without veggies too, to balance it out a wee bit. So its not just meat, its with veggies too. Of course. you can eat it with fruits or juices as well. its a good choice. In the meat, you can throw in or include in some spices or savory herbs like the sage, mint leaves, or thyme or ginger even to bring out its flavor and to make it more savoury too. XD At your will and what pleases your mouth. 

Its a bakery of sort. Some sort of pastry too, but a salty and a very flavorful one, unique to my native province too. So it can be gottan at a your local bakery, pastry or even coffee shop/bistro. Its one of the most famous snacks or treats in my province. And it can hold the candle to the Brits' fish & chips. Very known little Brit eat eh? Well, with the meat pie or Tourtière, its the same thing. 

In the meat, you can add in or throw in some veggies to equilibrate it too like mushrooms or brocoli or even spinachs, to make it more wholesome and nutritious. Miam, delicious and appetizing to boot! I love its flavor, its sooo tasty and delightful to munch on when you've a got a craving for something salty or a snack or little something. I dunno how to make it, but a piece of cake to, it'd seem. Just in case I got the recipe, I'll post it up at a later date or time here. But its best eaten hot and with Ketchup only and any meat would do: lamb, pork, chicken, beef is the best & most standard recipe for this one imo. Also, it sits well with teas & tisanes & soft n energy drinks, however not coffee, just for an FYI here. 

The Meat Pie

Meat Pie

A slice cut topped with Ketchup

Meat Pie with Ketchup

Also, the next topic would be about "Who is Lord Voldemort?"

Entry 247: Death on the Nile

Dear Diary, so have read a while back a good book, even most excellent in fact called Death on the Nile, by award-winning Brit authoress Agatha Christie. Shes been crowned the Queen of the Queen, the toppest of the toppest in her genre. So wish to deliver a review on it. 

Title: As aforementionned. 

Genre: crime-solving, murder cases and thriller, suspense too.

Plot: Several deaths occured on the Nile, an Egyptian river. Very mysterious ones in fact. The murders used some Egyptian curses and spells as alibis and cover ups, very mystical in fact and the unique Poirot's got to solve these murder-cases. I don't got the dead people's names, but yeah, serial killings have taken place in there. 

Atmosphere: Well, I liked it because twas a very enthrailling book, very much to my taste. Albeit, a bit dark and gory and bloody at times. So not for the faint at heart. Twas quite compelling to read and the ambiance very well, thrilling. I loved it myself and thought its plot was very intricate, and even complex too. Very much interrelated and interwoven too. So to say, Christie wrote it brilliantly and smartly. "Not boring, not shit, not glorified fanfiction", as Nutty put it thar. So for fans of this genre, I urge you to get it and read it now. very worthwhile read and quite worth your time too. 

Negative sides: none really. At least, I didn't spot any plot holes in it and cannot bash it nor diss it. So "good book, classical" and "STFU", to quote Nutty again thar... XDDD

My Rating: 9.5/10. Very good indeed. 

Overall thoughts on it: Very much an excellent book. For reading and if you enjoy a good serial killing or crime-solving book, this is the one for you. I highly recommend it. And you can learn much about the detecting methods and etc. Old school vs modern. Like Poirot's using his mind or grey matters to solve the cases, as Sherlock Holmes does it. And Scotland's Yard's police officers are really against what he does, so they stand in his way and critique him and put him down and etc too. So not only does Poirot gotta battle against his own demons, but also against Scotland Yard as well. Very well thought out and it panned out well too. So get to reading it right now. 

Without further ado, heres a scene from it: 

Death on the Nile

Entry 246: Of Fairies

Dear Diary, so today's post is going to be on Fairies or Faes. Since its kinda closely related to the Anime post I've counted up there. I'm very keen on them and take a very huge interest in them. Fairies should be gorgeous and attractive creatures with most flawlessly impeccable and most perfect skintone and complexion too, not withering or old ones or crippled or ragged etc. And they should be forever young looking and sexual enticing and alluring to the men too. Sometimes or at times, they take male humans for husbands, sometimes not. Faries should be pretty and dainty too. I'm into this magical species a lot. I see them a lot in Video Game series, in Anime ones or in fantasy books or TV series even. But pretty uncanny and very eerie beings too. Those are considered Myths and creatures of Lore and folktales. Now Faes can be either benevolent, or malvolent. Some of them are with malicious intentions and  etc. Those are also glorified in songs and tales and etc. Now faes are kept under wraps or concealed from Human's eyes... or from us most of the time and hidden from plain sight too. However sometimes, we will be able to catch a glimpse of one from time to time. There are nocturnal fairies and day faes too. 

Fairies or Faes are rumored to live or reside in another world from ours completely, and are otherwordly creatures. I don't doubt their existence at all, without question nor doubt they are genuine in existence for me. I do hold onto this thought most dearly too. I really wish to step in their world one day, because I think theirs is a merrier and happier place or home than ours. Next up I'd allegate the fact that there are many species of them, which I shall elaborate or dwell on a bit later in this present post. The also dwell or logde in forests, rivers, in seas (if they're water fairies),  in flowers, swamps, around marshes and rest in lakes, around streams, fountains, waterfalls, in volcanoes and etc. Those fabulous and fantasy places. Their world's sealed off from ours too, not available for us to access. To step in or to go there, one needs to be granted a special permission from a Fae

For example, in HP and Charmed, there are some pixies, and even goblins, gnomes, banshees or trolls too. Surprisingly enough, elves are also viewed as a fairy species. Most peculiar to me because I thought those were you know Elves and Spirits. Of course, there are Sprites (demonic sort pf fairies). And some evil or malicious ones too. At least with evil intents to harm humans and etc. Or rape them and etc. Nymphs are of course, fairies too, albeit a sort of water fairy. 

There are some other fairy species too, like the Elemental ones. They wield magical powers and control wind, fire, air or earth. You know, the 4 or 5 elements. They possess other arcane abilities too and skills and magical powers, such as invisibility or etc. Very fascinating and spellbinding topic even. Spirits are sometimes considered Faes, but not always, this would depend or hinge upon some other of their characteristics and etc. 

They also drink and eat and nourish on something else as well, entirely different or diverging from ours. Like hydromel or nectar or the Elixir of Life,  or something else too. Very special foods that we cannot eat nor drink because either its going to poison us or make us fall ill or under the weather and blue. All in all, we can't eat the same foods or substances as them. But fairie foods do got some magical properties and can make us shrink or make us bigger or etc. 

I also like wearing dainty little fae or fairy jewelleries. Or elvish charms or lucky charms and etc. And fairish pendants or necklaces and accessories. Very fantasy-like and of course, eerie too. I love those charms myself. I wear those at all times when I pass an exam or get bad luck or etc. In short, I'd say my favorite species of fairies would be: water nymphs or Moon ones because I venerate or worship the Moon goddess and since I'm a Pagan. I also am into fairyish fashion or wears or clothes and etc. You know, with fairyish designs and etc. Next up would be a review about the novel Death on the Nile, by award-winning Brit writer Agatha Christie

Fairy Pendant: 


Fairy Bracelet: 


Fairy Nightgowns: 


Random Fairies: 


A site about fairy types or species: http://www.usa2076.com/fairies/types.htm Whats your views on their kind? I like to RP as a fairy on a RP forum. Its very neat and I can let my imagination run free and wild too. Would you like share some bloodline or kinship with a Fae? I'd like to think that I'm a part-fairy, part-nymph being myself as weird as it may sound.

Entry 245: Earl & Fairy

TitleSee entry's title. 

Genre: Fantasy, drama, romance, shojo, magical girl even, action/adventure. 

Plot: A girl who could see or sight fairies (Fairy Doctor), was kidnapped by a Count called Edgar. And she must work for him, lest she be tortured and etc. He wasn't very kind to her at first, treated her badly and wrongly even, but then fell head over heels in love with her. Hate at first sight.... even.... ? XDDD Hes lost his mind and soul in her when he fell for her and etc. 

Characters: Earl or Count Edgar, and Lydia Carlton, the Fairy doctor and also a Sprite, whos serves Edgar faithfully and loyally. And also Edgar's other servants or butlers and etc. 

Rating: 8/10 


Cons: Well, I thought the Male lead was too abusive towards her, a control freak indeed, kinda like Edward Cullen in Twilight. And also, too possessive of her and too jealous. So not only does it promote jealousy, but also controlling relationships and cheating and flirting with other damsels too (the males). I mean, he won't even let her out of his castle grounds for a few seconds. And when another fairy kinda being fell for her, he done more terrible things to her and to his competitor. And also, plot not too well fleshed out and it fizzled out somewhere in the ending too, but twas a happy one, like they've got married and etc. Now Lydia kinda got under my skin a wee bit, because she was far too gentle and too kind towards someone whos tortured her and abused her. And also clung to Edgar a lot even though hes not been very nice to her. I don't get her I mean. Why would you stay loyal or faithhul to someone who harms you constantly and whos mean to you? And always belittles you and cheats on you? Doesn't make sense to me at all. Its kinda along the lines of Romeo X Juliet, but it failed hard and epically. Too sappy and too shojoesque too. 

Pros: Its a fairytale, so lots of fantasy elements in the plot and etc. I've liked its imaginative and innovative or creative aspect or facette of the anime. Like how they've reinvinted the fairies and etc. I love fairies by the way, hence why I didn't completely kick it to the curb or disregard it. In essence here, its a fairytale about a middle-classed woman and a noble falling in love. Sorry for the change of font there, it switched to this one instantly or automatically. I know I'm clamping down on it pretty hard, but thats how I truly feel about it.

Lydia on the left, and Edward the right handside: 

Earl & Fairy

  A fanmade music video about it: 


To watch it, google it on watch online.com or youtube.com Or even Dailymotion.com, but I'm not sure. Discuss just in case you've watched it, if not, then I must ask you, is it your thing or your genre of Anime to watch? On a similar note there, I'd notch something up about fairies and the like because the Anime's a bit fairytalesque so yeah.

Entry 244: The Poutine

Dear Diary, so yes, I said I was going to post about Emma Watson, but I shall let it simmer down a wee bit and talk about the Poutine. Its a junk-dish of sort from my native province. Its a very hot and tangy one too. Its not a very gastronomical dish either, but still very much luscious to the tongue. Very filling. You'll feel very full afterwards I'm sure. Very delicioso in fact and very yummy. But its a picnic to make or prepare, a guide in simple steps here: 

1. Fry the fries, put them in a dishware of sort, bowl or plate or anything in the kitchen.

2. Heat up the hot sauce (either Gravy or BBQ or Italian tomato one).

3. Put some cheese cubes or cheese chunks in it. 

4. Pour over some sauce (either works fine, as aforestated). 

This one can be eaten in many many ways, either with a BBQ sauce, honey, or Italian tomato sauce or Gnocci tomatoes (freshly crushed ones). Or even just plain gravy on it, makes it very rich and very filling too. This will be done within minutes, mark my words. Or another way to eat it would be with shallots or cubed fried potatoes or melted Parmesan cheese. 

Italian Poutine 

Italian Poutine

Gravy Poutine


Gnocci Poutine: 


I savor mine with a little juice afterwards, because its going to dehydrate me much if I eat it without liquids. I eat the rest of my fries with Ketchup so to speak. And just this would recharge me up or fuel me up. Some might find it a wee bit or little bit gross or sickly, but for me, its much to my tastes and heavenly. What about you? Have you ever sampled it? Its only sold in Québec by the way there. So just in case there, you've never been to my native province, you shouldn't have. In case there, you plan to visit my province, grab a bite of them if you get the chance to. Don't let it pass or go or slide! Next up would be about my views on Earl & Fairy, an Anime series I've watched long ago. XDDD

Entry 243: Of Antiquities and Antique Shops

Dear Diary, so today's post shall be about my love for antiquities and antique boutiques. I love those that have a quaint little feel and touch too. I love collecting antiquities and go to quaint coffee shops or enjoy browsing these shops too. I think their atmosphere and their ambiance too. I think anything can be counted as  antiques. From lamps, to chairs, to cars, to collectors' stamps and etc. I personally enjoy collecting some YGO cards or Pokemon ones, I know of little value, but I do hope its going to increase with time or in time. Most of all, I dig collecting first editions' books, paperback version, not the e-one.  The thing is with them, the more precious the material used to fabric or to make them, the more they've got value. And the more ancient they are, their value's going to increase more of course. One auctionned off could worth millions and even billions. The more honed or polished they are in terms of appearance, and the more artistic they are, the pricier they're going to be. 
                                                                       Antique Cafés                                            

                                                                      Café I've not been to this one, but I dig its architecture.

Another sort of antiquities: religious relics. Or Holy ones like the Holy Grail and Magdalene's womb or anything pertaining anything "Holy" like the chalices and etc. This came from the Crusades and etc. Another sort would be: the ones used by mythical legends or heroes. But we even doubt their existence and if they're factual or not. 

Holy Grail: 

Holy Grail

These antiquities are indeed very ancient, and very antique and old-fashioned looking. They have a very refined appearance too, very quaint and very traditional as well.  Even a wee bit threadbare too. But to me, I cherish them and adore them. I think their values' are going to raise up or increase in several years. Anything will be considered as antiques a few years from now on. Even toilets, bathtubs or etc. 



I love those things because they tell a history, or story even and they account and express some kinda value, mayhap to the family members or to any country. They can express regret, sadness, happiness or even breakeaning-down times too. So yeah, they might be run-down looking or shabby, but thats what makes them pricier and even choicier as antiques or antiquities. 

If I ain't broke, or had cash to spare, I'd gotten myself several or multiple of them already like lamps, antique furniture from Italy and from Spain and even ones that came from France or China. But you need to beware of the fact that in China, they've got fake ones, so don't fall for them! I've got very refined taste in regards to these things and a very keen eye for details when it comes to them. 

For instance, Atlantis's bathrooms or hottubs or pools are already viewed as "antiques", in a way to put things here. Or so to speak. And as are Greeks and Romans' ruins and temples and etc. Also, lets take the example of: a piece of Art or a work of Art (in the real definition of the word there). With time, you'll be able to resell it for millions and trillions even. Big price and you get lots of cash out of them. So collect these just in case you can afford them. A last example of them would be: jewelleries... very costly and very expensive to collect, yet insanely worthy in terms of sales and cash and etc. Do you got a taste or a thing for these? Would you collect them? Who wouldn't? Its a very easy way to make cash and etc.

Entry 242: The Dictator

Dear Diary, so I last watched the movie The Dictator. One of the few I really enjoyed a while back. In fact, well, I found it very funny and hilarious to boot as well. Very humourus movie and lots of quirks, twists or turns in it too. I liked the male main character called Aladeen or something along the lines there. 

Genre: Comedy-action or adventure. 

Plot: A dictator, obviously, from Wadyia, or however its spelt there. He was trying to maintain the dictatorship in Wadyia, while being against democracy. So yeah, hes trying to keep it going and whilst getting votes for his re-election and etc. I dunno if the country's cooked up or made up one, but yeah, its an Arabic country, least from what I've seen in the movie eh? I've enjoyed the actor's playing and acting too. Aladeen also had many aliases or nicks in the movie: amongst them all; Alison Burger, the only one I remember. 

Characters: Aladeen, dictator, and Chloé, a partisan of the green movement too. There are of course, other characters, but can't name them off the top of my head right now... but yeah, very funny characters and very well-chosen actors. 

Rating: 8/10. While I liked it, I found it a bit sexual, too many sexual innuendos underlying in it. So not for kids, not with the whole family to enjoy either. I take back what I said earlier. Because too sexual in the movie and etc. Kids would find it gross and sickly a wee bit here... and etc. 

Feelings about it: Well, made me feel uneasy, and threw me off-balance or caught me off-guard. Some parts in the movie did surprise me anyway. Especially the "getting the baby out part"... XDD Really liked his "Yarmendeli,  Yarmendeli"... XD It creased me up and cracked me up. What the fuck was he on about? Hes clearly gone off his rocker there no? Plus, could any Arabic speakers tell me what it means? (Ikram). XDD

Whats your feelings or impressions or views on it? Did you like it or not? Also, I shall announce that the next subject would be about my ponderings about antiquities and antique and quaint shops. I've got a love for them too. And in the next next issue I will prattle on about the Brit actress Emma Watson, one of my favorite stars ever.